True Grit Cycle Club- Bylaws and Constitution


  1. Name

The name of the club shall be “True Grit Cycle Club”.  Hereafter known as the Club.

  1. Objectives

The objectives of the Club shall be to foster, encourage and promote mountain biking, touring and racing for all ages and shall affiliate with the national and provincial bodies with similar aims.

  1. Membership

Membership shall be open to any applicant with the exception of those who are suspended or out of standing by or with a provincial, national or international athletic organization, or who flagrantly breaches the constitution and rules of the club, may be expelled or denied membership in the Club at the discretion of the Executive.

To become a member, an applicant shall submit a signed Club Membership application form along with the required Membership dues.

All members must be Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) license or OCA permits holders in good standing.

Members under the age of eighteen (18) must have their Club Membership and insurance applications approved and signed by their legal guardians.

All members are expected to conduct themselves at all times, when participating in Club activities or representing the Club by wearing the Club clothing, in a manner that would not bring disrespect to the Club. Members who breach this policy can be subject to expulsion from the club.

Voting Rights

Only Club Members in good standing, at or above the age of Eighteen (18) years old,  shall have the right to vote on Club business.

Each Individual member receives one (1) vote.

Voting method will be at the discretion of the Executive to reflect the best method based on current membership requirements.  A simple majority shall decide all motions.

  1. Board of Directors

A Board of Directors, hereafter known as the Executive, which will consist of five (5) Directors, will run the club:

President– Who shall direct the activities of the club and act as the chair at all meetings of the club including the board meetings

Vice President– Who shall assist the president and assume the president’s duties in the president’s absence.

Treasurer– Manages finances, prepares, files and maintains financial records of the Club.

Secretary– Who shall record the minutes of all club meetings as well as attend to the correspondence of the club.

Member at Large– One (1) members selected from the club membership.

Positions on the Executive are for a term of 3 years unless a members resigns or is removed from the Executive. The 3 year time period shall be called a “Term”.

All elected and appointed Directors shall retire at the end of their term of office at the AGM and shall be eligible for re-election if otherwise qualified.

The Executive may appoint Directors as they deem appropriate and who shall hold office until the next AGM.  A minimum of three (3) Directors is required at all times and a maximum of nine (9) Directors.

The Executive shall:

  1. establish the overall mission or purpose of the club;
  2. determine the club’s vision and direction (strategic planning);
  3. monitor the club’s operations and evaluate results;
  4. determine registration procedures and membership fees;
  5. approve policies and procedures, including those related to discipline and disputes, to guide the club and its management;
  6. approve the budget, and secure and monitor effective management of the club’s financial resources;
  7. provide continuity to the ongoing governance and management of the club;
  8. fulfill the basic legal and ethical responsibilities of a Board;
  9. delegate its responsibilities to committees, volunteers, and hired staff or contractors, as required; and
  10. discharge any other duties as may be provided for herein.


  1. Club Committees

All Club Committees shall be formed by and operate under the supervision of the Executive.  A Committee Head or Leader shall be assigned, appointed or elected by each Committee and or Executive. The term of all committees shall be one (1) year and all Committees will reform following the Annual General Meeting. Volunteers must reaffirm their position on all Committees.

Club Media Committee

The Club Media Committee will consist of one member of the Executive and one member of the club membership.

The Club Media committee will report directly to the Executive.

Club Media is responsible for all media contact and press releases on behalf of the Club  and shall work in conjunction with all other Committees where applicable.

Youth Racing & Development Committee

The Youth Racing & Development committee will consist of a member of the Executive, and two members from the club Membership.

The Youth Racing & Development committee will report directly to the Executive.

The Youth Racing & Development committee will be responsible for the organization and for overseeing all issues relating to Youth racing & Development. This committee shall work in conjunction with all other committees where applicable.

All members active either through organization or assisting within the Youth Racing & Development team, or any other Club program directly involving Vulnerable Sector members shall obtain a yearly Vulnerable Sector Clearance from their local Regional Police Services.  Any fees associated shall be covered by the club in full.

  1. Annual General & Extraordinary Meeting(s)

The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held in February of each year for the purpose of electing club Directors, amending the club constitution and attending to the general business of the club.

An Extraordinary Meeting shall be held either:

  1. a) at the behest of the Executive or
  2. b) at the written request (submitted to the Executive) of 10% or more of the membership in good standing.

Meetings shall be conducted in compliance with the constitution and rules of the club and Rules of Order – the former taking precedence over the latter.

  1. Constitutional Changes

The club constitution and rules may only be amended by two thirds of the club members present at the Annual General Meeting or at an extraordinary meeting voting in favour of such a motion.

Any proposed changes or additions to the club constitution and rules must be published and distributed to the club members fourteen (14) days preceding the Annual General Meeting or the proposed extraordinary meeting. Such publication shall be either by way of the club members Facebook group, or by written (including email) notification to each club member (with permission of the Executive).

  1. General Rules

The membership year will run from the first day of January though to the last day of December for a given calendar year.

Any member from the previous year shall cease to be a member if they have not paid their membership fee by April 1 and shall not receive further correspondence from the club.

The fiscal year shall begin on the first day of January and end on the last day of December.

Organized club rides will be for the period April 1 to December 31.

The Club shall be incorporated as a Nonprofit Corporation under the applicable laws and regulations of the Province of Ontario, Canada.