This Policy applies to all True Grit Cycling Club (“TGCC”) 

All TGCC Members must: 

1. Commit themselves to act as positive ambassadors of TGCC to the cycling community and the community at large; 

2. Participate in a spirit of fair play and honesty; 

3. Avoid and reject the non-medical use of drugs or the use of performance- enhancing drugs or methods; 

4. Wear a certified bicycle helmet at all times while riding as an TGCC Member; 

5. Abide by the laws of the jurisdiction of the province or country in which the event is taking place; 

6. Refrain from using alcohol and tobacco products during TGCC activities;

7. Be courteous and respectful to other members of the cycling community; 

8. Refrain from the use of profane, insulting or offensive language; 

9. Refrain from public criticism of other members of the cycling community; 

10. Respect the dignity of others; 

11. Display an active support of the Ontario Cycling Association; 

12. Act in a manner that will bring credit to the cycling community and themselves; 

13. Demonstrate through words and actions the spirit of sportsmanship, sports leadership and ethical conduct; 

14. Treat others with respect and refrain from negative or disparaging remarks or conduct; 

15. Refrain from any behaviour that constitutes harassment, where harassment is defined as comment or conduct directed towards an individual or group, which is offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, degrading or malicious; 

16. Refrain from any behaviour that constitutes sexual harassment, where sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances or conduct of a sexual nature, when submitting to or rejecting this conduct influences decisions which affect the individual, such conduct has the purpose or effect of diminishing performance, or such conduct creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment; 

17. Exhibit respect for officials and the decisions they make with respect to the competition; 

18. Wear the TGCC uniform/clothing whenever competing. 

19. Wear, whenever possible, the TGCC uniform/clothing whenever training